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Fast Track to Innovation: Wide Pilot is looking for European Partners

Pubblicata il 22-10-2015

Wide Pilot intends to submit a proposal for funding in connection with the "Fast Track to Innovation" pilot established under Horizon 2020 for consortia.

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Lisbon, ICT 2015: Innovate, Connect, Transform

Pubblicata il 09-10-2015

The 2015 edition of one of the largest ICT (Information and Communications Technology) events in the European calendar is nearly upon us. This initiative, promoted by the European Commission, will...

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A transport database for the Ten-T in Turkey

Pubblicata il 09-10-2015

The establishment of a “central database and a transport information management system (TIMS)” for the TEN-T in Turkey is the purpose of a service contract launched under the pre-accession programme...

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Italian Companies support the Italian #UNITE4HERITAGE Task force

Pubblicata il 01-10-2015

"Unite4heritage” is a great initiative, that should receive support from all Italian companies and citizens, that is why we want to launch #COMPANYUNITE4HERITAGE and #CITIZENSUNITE4HERITAGE.

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Multimodal Interoperability E-services for Logistics and Enviromental Sustainability Project co-funded by the European Agency TEN-T, in cooperation with Grimaldi Compagnia di Navigazione S.p.A., RINA S.p.A. and the Ministry of Infrastructures and...

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CO2 & Ship Transport emission Abatement by LNG Project co-funded by the European Agency TEN-T, to devise and manage new solutions within the complex scenario of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), to...

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Upgrading of Inland Waterway and Sea Ports “Central Europe” project designed to improve the infrastructure of ports, of the logistic chain and the railway system, with the objective to enhance cooperation...

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The project, which was co-funded by the European Agency TEN-T, is designed to enhance the value of the back areas of the Port of Taranto, to develop an integrated intermodal...

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Se@me / Sustainable e-maritime @ssistance for Maritime Employees, Passengers and Yachtsmen Project carried out by Industria Armamento Meridionale Spa (Gruppo Grimaldi), Rina Services S.p.A., Gesan srl, Sync Lab S.r.l., Eliship srl...

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Monitoring and Operation Services for Motorways of the Sea Project co-funded by the European Agency TEN-T, carried out in cooperation with Grimaldi S.p.A., the Port Authority of Livorno, Valenciaport Foundation and...

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HArBour traffIc opTimizAtion sysTem Project co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (“MIUR”) and carried out by Grimaldi Spa, Reply Spa, RINA Services Spa, APS and several Italian...

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